What's this GoodAssStore all about?

A GoodAssStore for GoodAssEnergy.✨

Welcome to GoodAss.Store, an online store for the creative works/merchandise created by multi-disciplinary artist Kev Decor for GoodAssEnergy Studio.

A word from me, the artist...

I began my artistic journey long before my musical journey. I can remember as far back as 6 or 7 years of age deconstructing toys, painting them, rebuilding bikes from found parts around town, building basketball courts, skate board ramps, being excited about magic books in the school library in the 4th grade (where I spent all my time during the mandatory library part of the school day), constructing boobie-traps around the house and being fascinated by all things creative.

A lot of times I was inspired to build things that I did not have access to such as bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, basketball courts, ramps, grind rails etc. Whatever I wanted but couldn't have, I built with whatever I had or created with my imagination.

Not surprising now, in hindsight, that I excelled in art, wood shop, science and literature and felt most inspired by any projects associated with those classes where I could use my imagination.

Then came music. By way of the mandatory elective one had to choose in the 5th grade. I joined the band and studied drums from 5th to 10th grade. Learning how to read and play drum music. I was a part of the jazz band and later the marching band in high school.

All of my interests, however, came to a head when I discovered music creation in the 8th grade. The rest was history.

Since 2005 or so, I have been absolutely OBSESSED with music. Not having lived a single day since, where music and the creation of it, has not consumed me. I have been inspired to create and have been expressing my experience and worldview vigorously since - and still going.

This GoodAssStore is the culmination of many (and I really mean MANY) failed attempts at entrepreneurship with countless ideas, visions and desires that have either almost came to be or crashed and burned.

Today marks the start of not just a new chapter, but rather, an entirely new book being written from a very seasoned and fresh outlook on life, my experience of it and the things that have inspired me as a result.

This is my very own chocolate factory. It may not be perfect and in fact that's exactly what my taste is all about. Maintaining that gritty, raw and playful inspiration that I felt inside as I pieced together a frankenstein-like BMX bike from found parts around the tiny little shore town called Ventnor City, just outside of Atlantic City in New Jersey, where I grew up. 

With love, I welcome you to my crazyass world of creations - and now officially, the GoodAssStore.